Fard Muhammad
Actor | Voiceover | Motion Graphics | Video Editing

As seen on videos from The Onion and Channel Awesome, Fard Muhammad started acting in sketch comedy and improv shows directed by Second City Alum Antoine McKay. He later went on to act in videos by Channel Awesome Productions- including The Nostalgia Critic and Dragonbored. He also acted in two independent movies from Walkaway Entertainment- Jesus Bro! and Disco. More recently, he has appeared in videos by The Onion and in the comic book review series Atop the Fourth Wall.

Trained in voice acting at Acting Studio Chicago, Fard has also provided voiceover work for several web series, including Dungeon Crawlers, Pop Quiz Hot Shot, Rocked Reviews, and The Dom. He currently is the opening announcer for The Comedy Bowl in Chicago, and is the voice of the outgoing message for Liquidus Marketing. 

Working in Adobe Premiere and After Effects since 1997 and 2003, respectively, Fard has created animations seen on video billboards, advertisements on Hulu, and on widely seen YouTube channels. In 2015, he created the current logo animation for Channel Awesome Productions, and later on created the title sequence for its signature program, The Nostalgia Critic, as well as logo animations for Awesome Comics, The Orbit Report, and Pop Quiz Hot Shot. Fard has also edited episodes of the chat show series Shut Up and Talk.  

Fard currently lives in the Chicago area.